“Hanin Hossam” Faces Charges over Inappropriate TikTok Video “Hanin Hossam” Faces Charges over Inappropriate TikTok Video

Egypt's Prosecutor general orders investigations with blogger Hanin Hossam

Tue, Apr. 21, 2020
CAIRO - 21 April 2020: Prosecutor General Hamada el Sawy has ordered on Tuesday investigations with blogger Hanin Hossam, a student at the Faculty of Archaeology, on charges posting an inappropriate videos on social media on social media platform ‘Tiktok’, and challenging the public morality.

She posted a video calling upon girls to go live on online applications for short videos called “likee” and make friends in return for payment. The video provoked people on social media over the last couple of days.

On his part, the Cairo University President Mohamed Othman El-Khosht said he had received several messages that a student in the University was calling upon females to shoot “inappropriate” videos in return for money.

He stressed that the university will impose the maximum penalty against any student likely to be expelled from the university for acting against the Egyptian community’s values and traditions.
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