Libyan military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary - Reuters Libyan military spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary - Reuters

Turkey exploits coronavirus crisis to ferry mercenaries to Libya - Spokeman

Mon, Apr. 20, 2020
BENGHAZI, April 20 (MENA) - Official Spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA) General Ahmed Al Mesmary said Monday that Turkey is ferry terror personnel and military equipment to launch attacks on Tarhounah town.

In statements carried by Al Arabyia news channel, the LNA spokesman said Turkey is trying to exploit the world's preoccupation with coronavirus pandemic to work behind the scenes and carry terror attacks on the Libyan town.

Meantime, the Arab parliament, during a virtual session held in Cairo, called on the UN to take a swift action with the aim of stopping the movement of foreign fighters to Libya.
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