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Kuwait facilitates entry of Egyptian agricultural imports

Mon, Apr. 20, 2020
CAIRO – 20 April 2020: Kuwait has facilitated entry measures of Egyptian agricultural imports into its territories, a report submitted by the Central Administration for Agricultural Quarantine to the minister of agriculture and land reclamation read.

The cargo used to be held at Kuwaiti seaports to be analyzed before they are totally cleared, which had impacted Egyptian agricultural exports in 2018 and 2019.

The Central Administration for Agricultural Quarantine held many rounds of negotiations with the Kuwaiti side that were concluded by a visit of the administration's Chairman Ahmed al-Atar, and a high-profile delegation to the Gulf country. The outcome of the visit was the cancelation of the decision mandating a strict control over Egyptian agricultural exports.

Atar had affirmed to press earlier that the number of technical quarantine committees was raised at all export ports as well as sorting and packaging venues. He announced an increase in citrus exports to China and an improvement in potato exports to European markets occurred over the past few months. The official pointed out that Egypt currently ranks first in orange exports globally.
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