File - A Scene from episode one. File - A Scene from episode one.

‘Elekhteyar’ : Remembering our Egyptian army champions who will never die.

Sat, Apr. 25, 2020
CAIRO – 25 April 2020: The Egyptian series ‘’Elekhteyar’’ (The Choice) managed to grab audience attention since the first episode.

‘’ Elekhteyar’’ was trend on Twitter and all praised Egyptian star Amir Karara brilliant performance to late great martyr and the Egyptian army legend Ahmed el Mansy.

The first scene of the series revealed the immortal quote Mansy said at the time of the last battle in the wireless device to his colleagues’’ Take care of yourself, the martyr should not be washed nor shrouded, I want to be buried with my army costume.’’

Mansy was the commander of the Thunderbolt Forces who was killed during the clashes between Egyptian army forces and militants as the army besieged groups of terrorists and foiled attacks that targeted a number of other checkpoints in the Rafah area in North Sinai in 2017.

This quote reflected the strong belief of the late great Mansy who always wanted to die as a ‘’Shaheed’’ ( Martyr) defending his homeland which he used to love more than his soul.

Egyptian star Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz appeared as a guest of honour embodying the role of one of the martyrs the August 2012 Sinai attack when armed men ambushed an Egyptian military base in the Sinai Peninsula, killing 16 soldiers and stealing two armored cars.

They attacked our heroes during the iftar meal as they were fasting in Ramadan. This emotional scene documented the championship of these great martyrs who will live forever in our hearts.

All Egyptians know that our Egyptian army is our shield, biggest defender and back but ‘’Elekhteyar’’ series from the first episode documented this fact, visualized and immortalized it and introduced to the whole world our unique military champions, showing how great and simple they are.

As life contains the good and the evil, the black and white we have Mansi and Hisham Ashmawi this traitor who forgot his role as an army officer so instead of defending his country he harmed it.

Karara and Egyptian actor Ahmed El Awady who performed Ashmawy role highlighted the difference between the champion and the betrayer.

The first episode of ‘’Elekhteyar’’ showed that we are in front of a national epic by every sense of the word, documenting the immortal championships of our great Egyptian army, giving us glimpses from the lives of our martyrs and introducing us to the family of Mansy.

Mansy was born in 1978 in Sharqia, where his father was the general director of the health unit in the village of Minya El-Qamh village for more than 14 years. He joined the Egyptian battalion in the 1990s, immediately after his graduation from the Military College.

He was assigned as the commander of the battalion in 2016 and was transferred to North Sinai forces three years ago where he took part in several security operations against militants. That year he was awarded by the battalion during the holy month of Ramadan for his excellent performance and his military discipline.

A few months before his death, he sustained a shoulder injury during a security operation in North Sinai and refused to be treated at a hospital, according to his friends on Facebook, after being told he should have taken 15 days rest for complete recovery. He insisted on resuming work at his brigade to defend the homeland.

‘Elekhteyar’ series is written by Baher Dewidar, directed by Peter Mimi and produced by Synergy. Dina Fouad, Hanan Youssef, Dina Adel, Ahmed Fouad Selim co-star in addition to notable guests of honor such as Eyad Nassar, Mohamed Emam, Salah Abdallah and Asser Yassin.

The sucessful trio Karara, Mimi and Dewidar continues to dazzle us every year and whenever we say they achieved the maximum level of success, they prove to us that they have still much more to present, things that will always exceed all our expectations.
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